On this day of independence Your Freedom is Someone's Loss of Control, but in this case the controller is not human. Think about it, who can best tell the story of slavery to freedom than an ex-slave who found expression through educating himself? Here is one of my favorite quotes from Frederick Douglass:

  • Douglass resolved that, however long I might remain a slave in form, the day had passed forever when I could be a slave in fact.

How did Douglass get here? Meaning how did he free himself while still part of an oppressive regime? Was it Self awareness, Self-improvement, Self love? Was it all of the above? I have read books written about Douglass as well as his autobiography and Douglass' began with him declaring himself no man's slave no matter what they thought. I have found that many people are still having a conversation with the lie. The voice of that accuser does not tell the whole truth nor a whole lie (it's a little of both). Are you ready to face the truth and dispel the lie? I hope so!

Below is an excerpt from an article I read today

  • "This can occur now, outside of the formal slave system, just as it occurred within it during Douglass’ day. The depressed view of oneself, bolstered by negativity from an authority figure, can lead to an overall devaluation of the self. The employee constantly belittled by his boss, the teenager constantly belittled by his parents or peers in higher social standing, the girlfriend belittled by her abusive boyfriend; these situations result in slavishness. It is important in order to be free in fact that one has a proper view of him or herself."

Read the full article: I read this post and wanted to share it with you. Here's the link: http://www.saintconstantine.org/no-longer-a-slave-in-fact/